GrifballHub Pro Run – December 1, 2012

Each week GrifballHub staff will bring you a 60 second burst of all the Grifball news you need to know. We call it the Pro Run.

The Pro Run is released both as a video and as an audio segment, available through our Podcast channel.

Pro Links:
GGL Divisions
GGL Schedules
Wednesday Night Grifbrawl Recap
Grifball Comic #10 – Simon!
Hubcast Episode 134
Hubcast Episode 124.5 (Campaign spoilers!)
12 Days of Grifball Hubcast Intro Project
TGIF # 27 by TacoPizzaHunter

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One Response to “GrifballHub Pro Run – December 1, 2012”
  1. AmbrCarbonplate super sleuth of Hubcasts says:

    Yay Pro Run! Yay for TacoPizzaHunter! Huh, perhaps your hair can compete with Dr. Leo’s hair? XD At least from the pictures I’ve seen of Dr. Leo’s hair and now the video I’ve seen of your hair. XD

    Also, thanks so much for the shout out on the Pro Run. It made me happy ^_^.