GrifballHub Gives Back – October Recap

Last month, GrifballHub stuff rallied together to raise money for a two very deserving charities.

Extra Life
During Halo Fest at PAX 2011, Hub staff were able to snag some rather amazing swag, including a Heroes Never Die poster with over 80 signatures from 343 Industries and Halo community leaders. The swag was divided into four separate swag bags and put up for auction. A week later, the auctions ended and ultimately generated $759.52 – 100% of which went to Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network. Thank you to everyone who placed bids or spread the word!

A few days later several members of the Hub staff took part in the Fight Like a Girl tournament – a charity fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and National Cervical Cancer Coalition. Admin AlmightMoa PMS and clan sister PMS Lexie participated in the 2 vs 2 tournament. Although the ladies did not take home the grand prize – a Halo Reach Xbox 360 console – they found personal reward within the event itself.

This tournament means alot to me. My Aunt was diagnosed with Breast cancer when she was about 46. She had to have both breast removed and go through radiation and chemo. She is a mother of 12 adopted special needs children. She has not let cancer slow her down at all. She has been in remission for about 6 years now. My grandmother lost her 5 year battle with cancer when she was only 63 and my Aunt Rachel was only 43 when she lost her fight. My mother was lucky and the doctor caught the pre-cancerous tumors on her ovaries before they had a chance to become full blown cancer. Cancer is a horribly unfair disease that does not care who you are or how old you are. I am participating in F.L.A.G. to honor the memory of my Aunt Rachel and grandmother, the fight and determination of my Aunt Nora, and the love I have for my mother. – PMS Lexie

The women in my family have seen the face of cancer, many times. My great grandmother and my great aunt did not win their battles with breast cancer. My great aunt Shirley has been battling breast cancer for a year, and treatment has been successful. If it wasn’t for the foundation, the people who donate, providing help and hope, a lot of women/doctors would not be able to detect symptoms early enough. I have participated in F.L.A.G for 3 years now, honoring the women in my family who have passed away due to cancers unforgiving nature and giving hope to those who are still fighting. F.L.A.G is a good way for gamers to come together and fight!

Feel your boobies ladies! – AlmightMoa PMS

Hub moderator Forsaken Mango and cartographer Nuclear Taco 42 also participated in the 2 vs 2 tournament. Despite their best efforts, the guys didn’t make it past the first round with two heart-breaking 1 point losses.

Not as brave as their counterparts, H2O Camper, Goosechecka, Kalbelgarion and runNOKYARDrun participated in FLAG via the 4 Person Firefight competition (it was the least directly competitive tournament we could find!). First place was achieved… for a few hours, but the team’s best score of 85,482 on Beachhead was usurped at the last moment by a mere 3,000 points.

Thank you to everyone who supported both the Hub and these fantastic charities throughout last month!

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One Response to “GrifballHub Gives Back – October Recap”
  1. puptastrophe says:

    I had a lot of fun doing this. Hopefully we can do it again next year. Perhaps that will be in Halo 4, though I don’t think it will be released in time.