Grifball Pro Tips – Opening Launches
Grifball Pro Tips

Even though grifball has been present as a double XP playlist in Halo 3 each month now for nearly two years, most experienced and seasoned players will likely agree that they still hear a lot of the same comments from players most refer to as randoms or noobs. Comments like, “how did they do that?”, or the always popular, “they’re cheating”.

These comments usually come when we do things in matchmaking that are actually quite normal for us. The opening launch, hammer jumps, launching a ball carrier, the flowers and so on. To inexperienced players that have no idea how to do these crazy tricks, it’s understandable that they consider it to be cheating. Not only are they unfamiliar with the game, but they are also unfamiliar with how most seasoned grifballers play, not only in matchmaking but in league games as well.

Because of this we’ve decided to do something that’s long overdue. Put together a series of instructional videos showing the inexperienced players how to do the things we all do. The hope is that by showing them the tricks of the trade, double XP will be more entertaining and enjoyable for the random inexperienced players and perhaps a little more competitive for the experienced players.

For this first video we chose to show how to do one of the most common things inexperienced players complain about in double XP matchmaking, the opening launches.

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8 Responses to “Grifball Pro Tips – Opening Launches”
  1. RallyFox says:

    This really is long overdue. Good job guys. I still remember sitting in the pregame lobby last XXP when a guy on the other team said “you guys are gonna bounce us huh”, we of course (my team from Green Army) all replied no since we thought he was saying we were going to do some sort of host switching or other cheating thing when he was really only talking about us launching players…..afterwards we had to explain that we were not cheating, that we just played in the league and knew how to launch players.

  2. totally batty says:

    Funny story:
    We (LVL 50 Spartan LFG) were playing in XXP when some kid accused us of cheating… because hammer jumping is a “glitch”. He then stated that we should just run around hammering because it is unfair for us to dive in and out with our attacks (TheAlpha Turtle capitalized on several Hawkdives and myself landing an insane number of Batdives).
    We tried to explain it to him so he could do it too, but he became very irate and we finally had to ignore him before we became belligerent as well (that’s what we have RangerDanger09 for).
    Afterward, I discovered that he was playing an Elite… which we all know hinders your leaping considerably.

  3. TacoPizzaHunter says:

    Ive been called a hacker for doing a flower a few times in a game. It made me lol. Great video and idea though. I must agree that this seems well overdue.

  4. Y0ur3AlrdyD3ad says:

    If you really love and want to be called a hacker, flowers off bomb in aerial before map spawns. Hackz4lyf

  5. Taco says:

    Good video!!!!

  6. TacoPizzaHunter says:

    @youralreadydead Thats all me and my friend Timmy do when we get aerial. We get it at least like 2 times a game as long as our teammates cooperate. We beast like that^^

  7. Grif Tannen says:

    i love when they say “its not fair!” here’s some news for you: life isn’t fair. get used to it.

    “no matter how good you are at something, there’s always about a million people better than you” – homer simpson

  8. Toktyn says:

    ::happy faic::