Grifball League Update: Makeup Week and Forfeits

It’s the end of the GGL regular season! We hope you’ve enjoyed your Grifball games so far. For some teams, this is the end of the line. For others, the fun is just getting started!

This week is the make-up week: The last seven days to get your GGL games played. There are no “scheduled” games this week, but rather some time to play any games that have been unplayed so far. So if you missed a game, or your opponents didn’t show one week, this is your chance to reschedule and play!

If you have any unplayed games, you should contact the captain of the opposing team(s) as soon as possible. Send them an Xbox Live message and see if you can find a time when you can get together to finish your matches. The best time is to play this week at your regularly scheduled time. But you can play at any time that works for both teams.


If you can’t find a time or reach the opposing captain after a reasonable effort, team captains can submit a forfeit win for the unplayed game(s) this week. For the purposes of making the playoffs, forfeit wins count exactly the same as on-court wins. Teams won’t get punished for their opponents not showing. You can submit a game for a forfeit win IF you were online and ready to play at your regularly scheduled time, your opponent wasn’t, and you have made a reasonable effort to reschedule the match.

To submit a forfeit win, simply report the game as normal. In place of the Waypoint URL, type FORFEIT. Let us know if you have any questions.

All games must be reported by Sunday, January 6 at 11:59PM EST. This includes on-court victories as well as forfeit wins. All Achieveables must be reported by then, too.

The playoffs will begin next week!

Good luck in your remaining games and the post-season! See you on the court!

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