Grifball Hubcast Episode 144 – Lambchop Math Pron and Kal Grunts

This week, Goose, Kal, Rally and special guest LovableLambchop dive deep into the GGL playoff scene, Lambchop reveals his math pron fetish, Goose and Kal talk about being on Podtacular, Rally is a little slow on the uptake, and much more! Also, during the Hubcast our Patron Saint Kevin Franklin tweeted at us and said he was listening in. Be sure to listen to Rally squeal like a little kit (that’s a baby fox, fyi).

Show Notes
Grifball Community Survey
Wednesday Night Grifbrawl Recap
Lambchop’s Elite Eight Extravaganza!
The Ball Sack Video
Ball Sack Thread
Podtacular 344: Grifball Reborn with Goose and Kal
Renegades Episode 2
Rally’s Comic #20: Home Alone
oObex’s High Speed Time Trials
Pro Run

PS: Rally no longer owns Disco Inferno.

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