Grifball Hubcast Episode 135 – Kal Trolls the Hubcast

Join Rally, Goose, Tex and Kal as they talk about the latest in GGL, GRL, WNG and many other acronyms. This Hubcast also features the 12 Days of Grifmas as sung by DoG Allikat and written by H2O Camper.

Show Notes:
DoG Allikat sings the 12 Days of Grifmas
Relax Ladies, I’m a Scientist
Kal’s cake
Zoo lights
WNG Recap
Four Guys One Ball vs Green Army
Advent calendar
oObex’s Simon pic
Checka Challenge
Rally’s Random Photography Thread
Covenant Army
Pro Run
Mango Duck
Team Spotlight
Shadows of Time
Skyrim DLC
Spartan Ops Easter Egg
Games for Health Journal

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