Grifball Comic #10 – Simon!

Simon is a special cat. Not only is he the GrifballHubCat, having lent his vocal talents on many an episode, he is special in the most special kind of way. Kal is also special and has a special relationship with Simon. On a past Hubcast (cookies to anyone who can remember which because I certainly can’t), Goose told a story about special Simon, special Kal, and their special bond.

**Thank you to AmbrCarbonplate let us know this was from Hubcast 126.

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4 Responses to “Grifball Comic #10 – Simon!”
  1. Rally owns the planet and says:

    OMG this is sooooo funny…….lol

  2. AmbrCarbonplate listener of Hubcasts says:

    This made a great comic strip XD. By the way it was Hubcast episode #126.

  3. AmbrCarbonplate listener of Hubcasts says:

    You’re welcome!! ^_^