GGL Week 2
The spirit of the game.

At the start of week two, every team had a perfect record of either 2 – 0 or 0 – 2. After Wednesday night’s games, only 2 teams retained perfection: Woot Woot at 4 – 0 and Green Army at 0 – 4.

Results for Game 3:
Bleep Bloop vs The Ways and Means Committee
Score: 5 – 4 WaMC

Hard Liquor Chasers vs Green Army
Score: 7 – 2 HLC

Blu-Ray vs Woot Woot
Score: 8 – 1 WW

Results for Game 4:
Bleep Bloop vs Woot Woot
Score: 7 -2 WW

Hard Liquor Chasers vs WaMC
Score: 6 – 3 HLC

Blu-Ray vs Green Army
Score: 7 – 2 BR

Individual Awards:
The Gardner (most plants) – II Blue Zebra II (11)
Terminator (most kills) – Hi im Pacman (156)
Mayfly (most deaths) – FiftyTwoNinjas (153)
Mr. Positivity (best K/D) – Hi im Pacman (61)
Benedict Arnold (most betrayals) – Dragon of Exile (38)
Loyalist – (fewest betrayals) – II Blue Zebra II (1)

Team Stats:
Most Scores: WW (15)
Most Kills: HLC (492)
Most Deaths: – HLC (454)
Most Betrayals – HLC (73)
Best K/D – WW (118)
Worse K/D – WaMC (-139)

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8 Responses to “GGL Week 2”
  1. Seanzie says:

    Go us for having the best betrayals! I would like to thank Dan for making sure that each and everyone of us got at least 5 hugs a game :P

  2. Kalbelgarion says:

    Once again, nice job on the stats, Goose!

    One more week to go in the regular season…then the playoffs with the top four teams. Then WaMC wins its first championship…

  3. Zebra says:

    Could we get link results so we can see the full stats of each game?

  4. Zebra says:

    Also I’m confused since I pulled 11 goals in my two games this week(5&6 in each one), are we counting best of one game or best week? O.o

    sorry, just a little confused and new to this stuff.

  5. goosechecka says:

    There’s a link on the GGL forum to the spreadsheets that have all that info.

    Yeah, you did have 11 goals this week. Since I added you into the spreadsheet late, I’m guessing the formula got screwed up somehow. But yes, you definitely earn the Gardner award this week.

  6. Zebra says:

    Alright, thank you very much. =)

  7. RallyFox says:

    At least we’re consistent…even if it is at losing!!!!!!!!!

  8. MajorSilva says:

    Hard to comprehend this without knowing who the teams are/no Bnet links :P.