GGL Playoff Update!

Where we once had almost 100 teams in the playoffs, we are now winnowing the field down to the Elite Eight. The top team from each of our eight conferences are advancing to the final bracket where we will have a showdown with the best teams in the league.

Majestic – Mr SLnister
Red Ray – Momstacos81
Turquoise Jeep – Ezy08
Four Guys One Ball – Crusader0102
The Black List – BossTycoon x
Green Army – Texorcist
Hot Bikini Guyz – TacoPizzaHunter

The conference brackets are available here.

Like the rest of the playoffs, these matchups are all a best-of-three series with a one-week deadline to play the matches. And like always, we are eager to stream as many of these games as possible, especially on Wednesday Night Grifbrawl every Wednesday at 10:00PM EST.

For teams that are no longer in the playoffs, the next GGL season will kick off in March. We will have more information later this month. In the meantime, enjoy the Grifball matchmaking playlist, other leagues, and other Grifball events!

See you on the court!

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