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Re: Larry's Lists Boiiiiiiiii

Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:31 am

Not really, he's just not top 10 caliber tbh
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Re: Larry's Lists Boiiiiiiiii

Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:45 am

Making a community power ranking for all leagues please fill out:
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Re: Larry's Lists Boiiiiiiiii

Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:59 am

My personal HoF preview list!

Just as a quick disclaimer i feel comfortable making this list cause when i do HoF i don’t vote, i just manage it. Also the iphones changing i’s to the weird symbols is actually the worst. Anyways!

1. Ace - this goes without explanation. Ace is the best.

2. Galv - Galv came in and basically DOMINATED right off the bat. Ez pz. Idt he’ll be hit with the Crusader/Snipe treatement of the H4 HoF cause he actually stuck around for awhile and destroyed. It’s still pretty early in H5’s lifespan tho so who knows!

————— outside of Ace and Galv, who are the only two real definites for me, these players below will most likely make it in but could always fall out of favor for someone else easily enough imo ————————

3. Nete - while not the most mechanically gifted player, Nete is imo one of the most intelligent.

4. Saintz - came in and in like a month climbed his way to a top 10 player. Best hammer in the league basically.

5. Larry - best sword in the gamerino. Another obvious one imo.

——————— these guys below are pretty much close to getting into HoF but not quiet there yet ————————

6. Tariq - it’s a question of consistency tbh. He’s been playing really well as of late but if he loses his footing again, i think that could keep the committee from voting him in.

7. Crusader - i worry people will compare the Crusader of H4 to the H5 Crusader and that wouldn’t work out in his favor. He’s been playing pretty well tho, i think he’s on the cusp.

8. DrkSoulnado - from ammy to one of the best pro players, Drk is hella good at all aspects of the game but for some reason doesn’t get the recognition he deserves imo.

9. Dig/Gingy - another two players who struggle with consistency. Gingy also loses the bomb way too much (and doesn’t really recover it like Larry does) and i think that could possibly keep him out of HoF. Dig is a question of consistency. Overall both top 10 players when they show up tho, they’ll need to continue dominating for me to feel comfortable saying they’ll definitely get in.

That’s it! If forgot someone it’s probably cause I’m dumb.

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Re: Larry's Lists Boiiiiiiiii

Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:36 am

Monitor AJ will be there

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