Regarding GGL Playoff Scheduling

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Regarding GGL Playoff Scheduling

Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:02 am

Following tonight's events, I want to take a moment to reiterate a couple of important points regarding etiquette and common sense when scheduling your GGL playoff matches (and Grifball games in general, to be honest):

First off, and I can't believe that I actually have to say this, but if, as a captain, you schedule a game with your opponent at a certain time, please remember to actually tell your teammates when the game has been scheduled for. Ideally, you actually confirm with your teammates that they can play that day/time before scheduling it, but at the very least, make sure they know when your game is scheduled. Preferably in advance.

Second, with playoff matches, please keep in mind that these games are being streamed. That needs 3 people - the actual streamer plus the two commentators. We all have lives of our own and availability to work with. When we are told that a playoff series has been scheduled for a certain day/time, we clear time out of our schedules to make sure that we can be on well enough in advance to have the stream going and ready for coverage. When you are unable to be on and ready at the time you scheduled (for example, due to not telling your teammates about a scheduled match), you are not only making your opponents wait, but also the broadcasting staff and anybody watching on Twitch who was told a game would be at a certain time. Nobody likes sitting and waiting in a lobby in order to have a game start 15-30 minutes late or longer just because one team can't make a game that they scheduled.

TL;DR: If you're going to agree to schedule a game for a specific day/time, at least have the decency to actually show up on time.

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