Monday, April 30, 10:00PM Eastern: Dash GRUNT

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Monday, April 30, 10:00PM Eastern: Dash GRUNT

Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:30 pm

Monday, April 30, 10:00PM EST: Dash GRUNT

Description: Play some Grifball Dash on Cliffside!
Gametype: GGL Dash 2012 (Five untimed rounds of Grifball Dash)
Map: Cliffside

Feel free to use this thread to organize teams and discuss this tournament in particular.

Once signups for the Dash GRUNT are open at 10:00PM EST on April 30th, you can enlist your team here. When a game is finished, the winning captain must report the results here.

If you do not have Cliffside, you can search for in-game, or download it from matchmaking. Teams may use another Dash-sized map, if both captains agree. The gametype is five untimed rounds of Grifball Dash.

This tournament is expected to last around two hours.

See you on the court!


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Re: Monday, April 30, 10:00PM Eastern: Dash GRUNT

Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:04 pm

Monday at 10? That's silly :(

Because all events should be planned around my schedule (obviously ;) ).

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