Fight Like a Girl 2012 Grifball Tournament Details!

Today’s the day that 21 teams pick up their hammers to put down breast cancer! This year, Fight Like a Girl (FLAG) partnered with GrifballHub for the very first Halo 4 FLAG Grifball tournament and we’re all very excited to help give cancer the banhammer!

Here are the details:

When: First round games will begin at 3:00PM EST / 12:00PM PST. Subsequent games will begin as soon as both teams have completed their previous matches.

Maps / Gametype: The map for this tournament is “Thin Ice” and the gametype is “FLAG GRIFBALL 2012.” There is also a tie-breaker gametype that you may need called, “FLAG GRIFBALL TIE.” All three are available in the fileshare: Goosechecka

Referee: Your referee for this tournament is Goosechecka. She will be online throughout the tournament to answer questions. You can also contact her via Twitter @Goosechecka

Reporting Games: Because there is not a referee in each match, team captains are required to post the results of the games. The captain of the winning team should fill out the FLAG Grifball Reporting Form.

Rules and Settings: Detailed rules for the tournament are available here. It is highly recommended that you read them in full due to some gametype changes from the base Grifball gametype on disc and specific guidelines involving lag issues. The biggest change from what you might have seen before is that this gametype will use 5 timed rounds. All five rounds must be played. These games are single matches. After the first game, the winner will advance and the losing team will be placed in the loser’s bracket.


List of Teams and Captains

Team NameCaptain
Anus CompanyEhJayR
Bleep BloopChanpuru Dragon
Brutality Squadfreaks555
Cancer CrasherBeast 2180
Green Army JrNuclear Taco42
Harlem Griftrottersall will die777
HiPNoTiKBizzerker Bauer
Hot Bikini GuyzTacoPizzaHunter
Kaos and Mayhem ClanxKAM KIPTACULAx
M.J.CDBD JohnMcNasty
Midland BellwethersEc1ip53
Netty and the PrintersNetprints
Oh So LegendaryLegendExistence
Outcast ResurrectionOcR Cake
Pink ArmyIhoncho316
Project FreelancerNewPhaze
Team Spirit Beef: Twarkle HuntersTHE DON WAN
The purple penguinsMoreiio
Unstoppable UnicornsCAMBO WOO man

Good luck!

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