EUGBL News: Interview with A Cursed House by RW 12

Hello once again! This interview is with A Cursed House of Johnson’s Salty Grifballs, who recently went back to this team after a season at Sarge’s Angels. Hope you enjoy the interview!

1. When did you start playing Grifball?
Playing random matchmaking with the lads really enjoyed it. So we went on to play some scrims against actual teams, didn’t do the best. But we decided to join the league in the EUGBL2 (or whatever it was called then).

2. How many seasons have you played in?
12, 13th starting soon. EUGBL 2, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 and 13. GGL 7, 8, 9, 10 and one NGA season. As well as many, many scrims, grunts, events etc.

3. What was your favourite season that you have played?
Every season (besides the EUGBL5) has its own set of highlights. I’d probably say the EUGBL10, we’d just come out of the GGL and did pretty well. Then we went into the EUGBL again and we won the championship with a perfect record, which was a pretty good feeling.

4. What teams have you been on and what team are you on right now?
I’m currently on Johnson’s Salty Grifballs, and I’m one of the two (of the full 5) founders that are still in Grifball (almost 5 years later). I had a spell at Sarge’s Angels last season, and subbed in for them a few times, we finished in the Semi-Finals. I had a co-captaincy at A-Team Rejects, a mostly rookie team who finished Quarter-Finalists. I had a brief spell at captaining What the Bee Gees? But the team failed to complete the season (due to its length). I played a season for “Hellhound” in the NGA, and I think we got to the playoffs, so that was pretty good. I had a semi-final game for The Elite Spartans, which we won (I think I helped!) but I was dropped for the final (for American host) and they lost, ha. I’ve also subbed in for The Badger Pokers and Hammerhead in the GGL! Woah, get your essay out.

5. Who would you say is the best tank in EU Grifball? Runner? Hybrid? (Answer all)
Best tanks I’ve seen so far in Halo 4 GB are: Germ, Ross and myself, wahey.
Best hybrid: I don’t know, to be fair.
Best runner: Messiah Muffinnnn.

6. Who is your favourite player? Team?
Well, there’d the LADs at JSG, my home dog Hurricane Ham and of course the LADSSSS at Sarge’s Angels. Oh, and that RW kid is pretty cool too.

7. Which player do you think is most underrated?
A-Team Rejects, Sarge’s Angels and Venomous Fireballs.

8. Which player do you think is most overrated?
Don’t really mind players who are “overrated” just so long they’re not overrated by themselves, if you know what I mean.

9. Do you have a rival Player/Team?
With the LADs at JSG, we’ve had several rivalries in our career. SA, TI, BS… I’d say our current rivals are BS; they have a similar playing dynamic to the core JSG, respects.

10. What are your hopes for the future of Grifball in H4?
We attract a lot more players into the EU league, so it can go back to its prime. A solid gametype, nothing annoy about it. Someone to figure out how to hammer jump. And obviously, a better sword.

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