Divisions and Schedules for Spring League 2013 Now Available!

Our Spring 2013 season is underway!

Games begin on Monday, March 18. Teams have been assigned one night per week to get online and play their games.

You can see when your team is to play here. You are to play all your games on your assigned night. Teams are to play two games per week for five weeks, until we reach the end of April and the end of the regular season!

Team schedules are available here. You can also see your team’s schedule by clicking on your division number on this page. The two matchups you are given for Week One are to be played this week at your assigned time. Teams can click on the names of their opponents to see their full rosters. You can also click on the captain’s name to message him or her on Xbox Live.

Things for all team captains to do right now:

  1. Send a Friend Request on Xbox Live to all the captains in your division. This will make it much easier to get into custom game lobbies together when it is time to play your games. If the captain’s friends’ list is full, send them an XBL message introducing yourself.
  2. Download the official map and gametype. All the information you need is in this article.
  3. Tell your teammates when you play! Make sure they will be online this week at the assigned time. You’ll be playing at this time every week for the next five weeks.


Make sure everyone on your team is on the same page!

On gamenight, be sure to have your team online 15 minutes before the schedule start of your game. Open a custom game lobby and load the league gametype and map. Invite the team captain from your first opponents to your custom game lobby and set it to “invite only” and an eight player maximum. Once four players from each team are there, start the game!

It doesn’t matter who hosts the lobby for each match. If the other team captain invites you instead, that’s perfectly okay.

Once your first game of the night is over, and your first opponents leave, it’s time to move on to the second. Invite the second team you are to play by inviting their captain to the lobby. Then play your second game immediately after the first one.

Should something happen during the game, such as unplayable lag or a player dropping out, have your whole team take a knee by crouching. Both teams must stop play and allow the two captains to meet and discuss what action to take to make the game playable again. You can talk to each other by sending a party chat invite. You can re-invite the lost player, restart the game with or without the same score, swap out players, reschedule, etc. It’s up to the two captains to come to an agreement.

Once the games are over (and this is the most important part!) the winning captain must be sure to report your game results here.

In the form you are to list the winning team, the losing team, the game report URL from Halo.Xbox.com, and the week the game was scheduled for (we are in Week One).

For instructions on how to find your WayPoint game report URL, check out this walkthrough.

For more information about gamenight procedure, check out this article.

Have questions? Each division has been assigned an Ambassador to help out during the season. Each Ambassador is a long-standing, knowledgeable, and trustworthy member of the Grifball community. Every Ambassador has been around for many seasons and is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you run into any issues, or if you are confused about something, your Ambassador is the first person you should talk to.

You can see your division’s Ambassador here, under your division number.

Reach out and make new friends!

Get to know your friendly neighborhood Ambassador!

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to league admins Kalbelgarion, Goosechecka, or Rallyfox.

Good luck in your first league games! See you on the court!

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  1. Black Beard 17 says:

    Ahh we are so ready for this season! I think we have a fun division too