Community Content: Top 10 Halo 4 Grifball Screenshots of June 2013 by oObex

Hello Grifballers, look here for the Top 10 Halo 4 Grifball Screenshots of June 2013!

Monument by IllogicalPine
Verdict: nice soft light coming from the hammer strike, and a good close-up of the player positioned perfectly with the backdrop including the wall pattern and natural rock scenery.


I AM SPARTAN by koda warrior
Verdict: pretty highlights, interesting pose and angle of the red player, and one silly dead blue.


Verdict: wonderful 2 for 1 kill captured with a great close-up perspective, and lots o’ sparkle.


red vs blue by Blasting Techno
Verdict: an “electrifying” red vs blue duel looking nice, but it could have been made better, especially without the two enemies kissing or hugging. LOL.


Fort Midland C2 by RECEPTOR 17
Verdict: Go Bellwethers Go! This picture marks the 2000th upload to my screenshot thread.

MoonSlam by MoonBuddy
Verdict: continuing the main theme of sparklezz this month, this screenshot displays an awesome hammer blow to one of the many red players depicted in this amusing action-packed photo.


CONGA LINE by camolet
Verdict: trust me, Rallyfox is in there somewhere. This one is hilarious, and the camera angle is good.


Complex by Gothic Lucy
Verdict: a simply beautiful screenshot made by Gothic Lucy, again. Very colourful and unique.


Grifball by Epiktastik
Verdict: honestly I have no idea what team Grif is on, but there’s a lot that I like in this screenshot. Grif is scurrying away from the fray, there’s a big cloud of smoke, a dead ragdoll, and a good contrast in the surroundings with moon rock on the left side and the wall on the right side marked by a cool texture.


Grifball Avvie by RECEPTOR 17
Verdict: “perfect”. I know that this isn’t the most fanciest screenshot, but everything is well done – including the positioning of the player, the timing of capturing the pose and animation of both the player and hammer (including the “sparkles”), and the viewpoint that shows Hangar 101’s ‘101’ and the starlight behind the energy barrier. I agree this might look like a “simple” or easy screenshot, and it is, but when I see one that is exemplary and excellent, I can’t help but appreciate the effort and execution in capturing a screenshot that is usually represented generically. This is a screenshot I feel comfortable calling #1 for this month, while moving on from this specific expression.


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