Community Content: Top 10 Halo 4 Grifball Screenshots of February 2013 by oObex

Hello Grifballers, my name is oObeX! Learn about the Top 10 Halo 4 Grifball Screenshots of February 2013!
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Grifball NS v2 by xRebsx
Verdict: excellent timing; side-view portrays blue player comically; smooth beveled floor piece adds style.


Grifball Pro by PoisonxPoptart
Verdict: low angle presents a kool forced perspective; good close-up of the boot; wonderful broad view of the map’s aesthetics designed by ‘Lord Nokyard’.


GIGANTOR GRIF by Aerostrike 04
Verdict: impressive creativity; most of the details are lost in the special effects and all of the gold; forge creations like this one are deserving of a higher resolution capture.


Chimericalamity by oObeX
Verdict: shiny background; fine sepia tone; spectacularly animated character.


Grifball… by Cat Wolfest
Verdict: good contrast and detail; great job capturing the assassination; odd pink armor for Grif.


Watercolour by Gothic Lucy
Verdict: wonderful watercolour waves; vibrant colours; good attacking pose, but I see a plasma pistol.


Impacted by a cuban cat
Verdict: pretty cosmos; striking pose; the jet pack and pistol should not have been equipped.


Super by Vesicated
Verdict: superb shot of the player in motion; beautifully simple; the metal features are ok, but I like dem circlez.


Unstoppable! by oObeX
Verdict: classic stance; wicked fx on Grif; sweet blood red patterns.


Halo-vista5 by Vesicated
Verdict: amazing shadows and lighting; one of the best close-up screenshots of Grif; like a boss.


Download this Special Edition screenshot of last month’s winner.
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Keep playing Grifball, and capture a few pics after a good game.

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