Community Content: Lambchop’s Elite 8 Extravaganza!

The GGL playoffs are on the last push to the finals now that that the round of the Elite 8 is starting up. For those of you who do not know me I am LovableLambchop and I have been playing Grifball since the summer of 2008. I am here to give you the rundown on the match ups for round of the Elite 8 and give my speculations on each of the teams and a prediction of the outcome.

Majestic vs Red Ray
The first matchup we have is the winner of the Pro Runs conference Majestic up against the winner of the Long Bottoms conference Red Ray. Majestic went undefeated in the regular season and in the team’s playoff run they went up against the Ways and Means Committee and won 2-0 in the best of three series. They went on to play Illuminati in the finals of the Pro Runs conference and took the series 2-1. Red Ray, in the finals of the Long Bottom division, went up against Reckless Fire, an experienced team and they knocked them out of the playoffs taking the series with a dominating two games. This game should be a great game to watch because on one side we have the very experienced Red Ray coming in with much needed mass x velocity (Ha ha, physics joke). On the other end of the spectrum there is the newer, less experienced Majestic but they have shown nothing but capable players and amazing potential. Going into this matchup Red Ray is the favorite to take the series. The players to watch for this matchup is going to be Avaianche812 from Red Ray, a very skilled veteran who doesn’t afraid of anything, and the captain of Majestic Mr SLnister who played amazingly in Majestic’s last game against Illuminati. I believe that Majestic will have what it takes to give Red Ray a run for their money in this series and we all love seeing the underdog become the victor. I predict that Red Ray will win the first game of the series 7-2 but Majestic will regroup and win the second and third game 6-3 and 5-4.


Turquoise Jeep vs Four Guys One Ball
The next matchup is Turquoise Jeep against the former Reach Dash champions Four Guys One Ball. Turquoise Jeep consists of veteran players dating back to the days of Halo 3 Grifball like Halfbreed105, Ezy08, and Fanciest Pants. This team has plenty of experience and they are going to need all the experience they can get when they hammer off against Four Guys One Ball. Four Guys One Ball played in the Veterans division this season playing against teams like Hot Bikini Guyz and Easy as Pie and ended up with a record of 19-1 with the only loss coming from Easy as Pie. As the former champions 4G1B is the heavy favorite of this game with players like TrueFlyingCow, Jedi Hunter, Crusader0102, and L1ght5aber. But which of these players will have the one ball? The answer, Crusader. From what I have watched of this team Crusader has stepped up to be the runner and he has made some fantastic plays as the runner. He is also amazing with the passes always being able to lead the intended receiver to get the pass spot on. For Turquoise Jeep keep your eye on Ezy08. In Reach and Halo 3, Ezy08 was a distinguished runner who pulled off moves that would make you question your sanity and that sure hasn’t stopped in Halo 4. I believe that Four Guys One Ball will win game 1 with a decimating 8-1 victory. Turquoise Jeep will rally back to squeak out a 5-4 victory and Four Guys One Ball will take the series with close 6-3 victory.


Green Army vs Black List
We now move on to battle of the colors, Green Army against the Black List. Green Army, lead by the one and only Texorcist, played in the Veterans division this season and made playoffs based on their Achievable score. Just because they only made it in due to that score does not mean this team is bad, far from it in fact. Green Army is loaded with experience that goes all the way back to the summer of 2008. Although the players may be ancient, they have retained all of their skill coming into Halo 4. The Black List, a former Halo Reach Vanilla champion and Dash Champion, is not a team to take lightly. Lead by BossTycoon x, the Black List went 10-0 in a tough division with teams like Green Army Jr., The Fatal Four, and the Ways and Means Committee. The Black List carries names such as Active Hate, and Rated Mature on their team who form a great duo so keep your eyes peeled on these two for some great pushes and many kills. The duo to look out for in Green Army is Nanadel and A Man Canon. Nanadel has made some amazing plays leaving anyone who watches him struck in awe. Both teams have big names and both are very skilled. This matchup is a hard one to predict but I believe that if Nanadel shows up and tanks the way he has for the last few games Green Army has played, they will take the series 2-1 with Game one going to Green Army 6-3. Game two will go to the Black List 7-2 and game three will be a hard fought 5-4. Look for the epic hammer battles between ActiveHate and Nanadel.


Hot Bikini Guyz vs ?????
The last matchup for the Elite 8 is still unknown. What is known is Hot Bikini Guyz will play the winner of the Flowers conference final between Easy as Pie and Team Impact. Hot Bikini Guyz is a former Halo Reach GGL champion and is a favorite to make the finals. They also played in the Veterans division along with Easy as Pie. HBG is led by TacoPizzaHunter who has been featured in many highlight reels from the days of Reach and is famous among Grifball players. Keep on the lookout for the lead tank ixGingy who has put up consistent, very positive K/D ratios. Easy as Pie, led by Major Silva, has the most experienced and most accomplished Grifball players of all time. With Silva being a former Halo 3 champion, they have Shadow S16 and iScet, both having many championship titles from Halo 3. This trio has more experience and championship titles than you can shake a hammer at. Easy as Pie needs to face off against Team Impact, a European team led by Rollo 93. Team Impact has some of the bigger names from the European side of Grifball such as Germanicus1994 and Kirsty de Lacey. Team Impact has made it to three finals in the EUGBL and should in no way be underestimated. The winner of Easy as Pie vs. Team Impact will go on to play Hot Bikini Guyz in the Elite 8.

This round of playoffs will run until February 13 and then the semi-finals will start. Keep your eyes peeled on Grifballhub to see some of these games streamed and commentated. Good luck to all the teams that have made it this far and happy hammering.

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One Response to “Community Content: Lambchop’s Elite 8 Extravaganza!”
  1. 4G1B says:

    Nice article! I liked how you gave background about each of the teams.

    My predictions:
    Red Ray 7-2, 7-2
    4G1B 5-4, 6-3
    Black List 9-0, 8-1
    EaP 6-3, 4-5, 6-3