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On Saturday October 5, 2013 at 2pm EST (11am PST, 7pm GMT) we’re inviting rookie teams and rookie players to participate in an exclusively rookie Grifball event! The default game type and map will be GGL SML2013 Grifball – 9 Rounds on Grassy Green Lane (Overcast). If both team captains agree, they may use whatever map they wish.

The event will be open to anyone eligible for play in the GGL (just to keep any banned players out) that has played 3 or less full seasons on any GGL team (aggregate), and 4 full seasons or less in the GGL, AGLA, and EUGBL combined. This is more of a guideline, and exceptions will be made.The final decision rests with the event organizers.

Signups are open to teams, and individuals. I will do my best to group those who signup individually into teams, and will have a thread in the forums so players can seek out other players and form teams for the event. If there are not enough qualifying rookie players to form a team (if a team is short 1-3 players), I will fill the team with slightly more experienced volunteers (hopefully I will have some pre-approved volunteers just in case).

With 6 or more teams, the event will be a round-robin style event, with the overall winners (win-loss record) from each division forming a playoff bracket. Depending on the number of teams, I may also include a Wildcard team or two to even out the bracket, chosen by point differential,. In the event of a tie, strength-of-schedule will be assessed by opponents win-loss records. The team with the hardest schedule will advance. If there are less than 6 teams, the event will be a double elimination style tournament.

I encourage streaming when available. If anyone would like to volunteer to stream or neutral host games, please pm Craigasaur83.

See you on the court!

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2 Responses to “Community Content: Grifball Rookie Tournament by Craigasaur83”
  1. jester1194 says:

    So where exactly are the signups? Or do they open later on? By the set guideline I could participate in this event as I’ve only done 2 seasons GGL and a total of 3 combined seasons( 2 GGL, 1 AGLA, 0 EUGBL(first this season)) If there are enough people participating in this I will too, unless the guideline is changed.

  2. Craigasaur83 says:

    You’re absolutely in! There will be an event thread posted soon where you can find some teammates. I’ll make sure the link gets to you.