Checka Challenge Caption Contest – Week 87

Welcome to the Checka Challenge, GrifballHub’s weekly screenshot captioning contest! Every Wednesday, a new screenshot challenge will be issued for the community to tackle as well as the results from the previous week.

Last week’s screenshot was by vHiddeN KilleRv:

One of the reasons 343i decided to remove the plant explosions. – Germanicus1994

I mean, this is cool and all, but does anyone else notice the guy sunbathing in the background? – Rayzyr

Hey, this tickles! Hehe! – oObex

This is what’s under Chuck Norris’s chest hair. – ColCF Goatzilla

Don’t pull it out, don’t pull it out, don’t pull it out! – Bad Allikat

Honcho proves his liver really can take anything. – Dr Leo

343: You didn’t tell us NOT to fuse the hammer and the spartan in the next Grifball fix. – Messiah Muffin

It’s the new Halo 4 FUBAR armor, made especially for grifballers. – NOPLEX

Look Ma, no hands! – M1ssTex

So this is the Grifball disease in it’s later stages… – A Man Canon

Aliens 5: Halo – FranticJ3

Go go Gadget Gravity Hammer! – snickerdoodle

‘Tis but a flesh-wound. – WhiskeyFourNine

This Week:
This week’s screenshot is by DerBAS1L1SK:

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