Checka Challenge Caption Contest – Week 85

Welcome to the Checka Challenge, GrifballHub’s weekly screenshot captioning contest! Every Wednesday, a new screenshot challenge will be issued for the community to tackle as well as the results from the previous week.

Last week’s screenshot was by sk3tchw0rk5:

Nightmare vs. Voldo live on Soul Calibur: Grifball. – Messiah Muffin

Nobody wears the purple visor but me! NOBODY!! – oObex

When I said ‘Do some pre-game stretches’ I didn’t mean like that! – Germanicus1994

Everybody do the limbo. – ToasterGhost

When playing Grifball Twister, the penalty for taking too long to move is unsurprisingly severe. – Dr Leo

Dancing with the Stars, Grifball style! – NecessaryEvil10

I’m on the right track baby I just bend this way. – Sneezedip

No, Jack go UNDER limbo stick! – AnonomissX

WORST. PERIOD. EVAR. – ColCF Goatzilla

Pretty sure this is exactly how my favorite porno ends. -imShad

This Week:
This week’s screenshot is by Atomic hawx:

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