Checka Challenge Caption Contest – Week 72

Welcome to the Checka Challenge, GrifballHub’s weekly screenshot captioning contest! Every Wednesday, a new screenshot challenge will be issued for the community to tackle as well as the results from the previous week.

Last week’s screenshot was by PokedudeCloss:

Im sure you don’t want to watch us score… so here let me help. – Vetteking95

Behind the Scenes: Green Army. – L1ght5aber

Oh hey Fran-!… Never mind it looks like you’re in the middle of something.. – PoisonxPoptart

No no, hush, don’t talk, my sweet. Let’s just savor the moment. – Dr Leo

Hehe stop it, that tickles!! – NecessaryEvil10

Squeal like a Grif. – Messiah Muffin

*This week on CSI GGL*
“What’s the cause of death Doc?”
“Hmm, let’s see. Broken bones, multiple bruises and a concave in his chest; looks like his was killed by the ball.”
“Looks like he was trying to *turns visor black* play catch” – Germanicus1994

Let’s see who’s behind it…hhhuu It was old man jenkins, the old man that ran the amusement park. – CannibalCake

Eat the cake. I said EAT IT! – Black Bear 17

This is exactly how my favorite porno starts. – imShad

(assassinating red)Like OH EM GEE! Is that armor made of chantily lace!?
(other red) Jeeze get off of him man….your embarrassing us! – Varthlokkar

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This Week:
This week’s the Master Quark:
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