Checka Challenge Caption Contest – Week 68

Welcome to the Checka Challenge, GrifballHub’s weekly screenshot captioning contest! Every Wednesday, a new screenshot challenge will be issued for the community to tackle as well as the results from the previous week.

Last week’s screenshot was by oObex from his Halo 4 Grifball screenshot thread.

If you hit the target, you can win a Grifball plushie. – germanicus1994

SteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRIKE!! – Dr Leo

I knew I shouldn’t have filled my grifball with flubber. – Thanassi

Wild oObex appeared. Go Messiah Muffin! – Messiah Muffin

At least one of us can still barrel roll! – Vetteking95

The moment you know you’re going to hit the 100 mark on the Skee-ball game. – Bad Allikat

Grifball: now in eye-popping 3D! – General Bourbon

Where did the Spartan’s feet go? – LoveableLambchop

Click here to view last week’s challenge.

This Week:
This week’s screenshot is by AlExThEnIcE:

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