Catch GrifballHub at PAX 2013!

PAX 2013 is just around the corner, and GrifballHub is bringing the Grifball action!

For the third time since its creation, the greatest sports-game-within-a-first-person-shooter will be the main event for a session at PAX. Join GrifballHub in the Wolfman Theatre on Saturday, August 31 at 12:00PM PST as we present:

Grifball: The Sport of the Future is Here Today!

From its inception in 2007, Grifball has been hammering its way into the hearts of casual and competitive gamers alike. Join Grifball experts as they discuss the evolution of Grifball and chart the progression of this game from throwaway gag to future eSport.

The panel will feature GrifballHub’s:

  • Goosechecka, Content and Community Manager
  • The Texorcist, Commentator and Administrator
  • Kalbelgarion, League Administrator
  • Nuclear Taco 42, Site Cartographer

There will also be free GrifballHub swag given out at the panel!

This will be the third Grifball panel at PAX, after Grifball Evolved at PAX East 2011 and the original Grifball panel at PAX 2009.

Want more from GrifballHub? You’re in luck! GrifballHub’s Goosechecka will also be hosting a panel on the ins-and-outs of community management in the Unicorn Theatre at 5:00PM PST on Saturday:

Community Management: Herding Cats and Keeping it Clean

Although they may not wear capes (but totally should!), community managers have the heroic task of keeping the peace in spaces where wildly different thoughts and opinions are frequently and passionately expressed. But it’s not all comment moderation. Every site, big or small, has a distinct personality which has been shaped by community members and community managers. Join our panel of community management experts for a discussion about how to create and maintain the community you want.

The panelists will be:

  • Kelli Dunlap, Content and Community Manager, GrifballHub
  • David Eillis, Content Producer, 343 Industries
  • Jessica Merizan, Community Manager, Bioware
  • Jessica Socarras, Community Manager, Ready Up Live

You can see the full PAX 2013 schedule here. Let us know your PAX plans in this thread on the forums.

Hope to see you there!

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