AGLA Update: 10/8/2013

Greeting Grifballers,

It is the second day of Amateur bidding, and it has been an interesting even thus far. As of the time of this writing, 10 players have found a home.


Signed Players:

Legendary signed Phear Seamus for 10 credits.

Retroactive signed Bean Me Up 11 for 120 credits.

Underrated signed Dragonguy55, KittysGoneAwol and KSI Tension 7 all for 10 credits each.

Aftershock signed Major Sackett for 10 credits.

Reflex signed Ghostmachine024, Craigsaur83, oObeX and DCleak all for 10 credits each.


The top 5 highest players are as follows:

OVERweightGOAT and Aeon Flux 07 both at 330 credits.

El Diablo X230X at 320 credits.

Jester1194 at 180 credits.

KilljoyD22 at 160 credits.


We still have a lot of bidding left and a lot of community members has expressed excitement on how it will turn out.


Schedule Update:

We are currently waiting to hear from Secret Society and Uplifted before the Commissioners can sign-off on the schedule, but it is looking like the schedule will be completed and posted soon.


Your Co-Commissioner,

The Texorcist

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