Achievement Unlocked – The Community Has Spoken, RTX Grifball Kickstarter Funded

About three weeks ago, Kal and I were wandering the aisles of PAX East and wondering if it was possible to raise $1600 for a Grifball booth at RTX. Last night, the Grifball and greater Halo community silenced all doubts and as of 11:00PM EDT had donated $4,623.

This process has been an amazing experience filled with stories of individual and community dedication which far exceeded any and all expectations. For example, LovableLambchop was the first – and last! – person to donate to the Kickstarter. Donations came from well-known Hubbers, Halo community members, and even total strangers.

Not only is this a huge accomplishment for the Hub and greater Grifball community, but a major step forward for gaming communities. This is the first time a Halo fansite will have a professional presence at an official industry event (exception: Rooster Teeth – but technically they are a company, not a non-profit fan-run site when they started exhibiting). This project highlights the power of the community voice and the passion for community-created content.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you updates on our RTX plans including planned booth activities such as tournaments, pictures of swag, booth conceptualization / sketches, and much more. Although not confirmed, there is a very good chance, in addition to our booth, there will be Grifball on the eSports arena stage and a Grifball panel.

For those going to GRIFCON!!!!1!1!!, we look forward to seeing you there! For those who cannot attend, rest assured we will be making every effort possible to keep you all included and involved from afar. If you’re thinking about attending but have not bought tickets, tickets are still available for purchase.

Thank you to everyone who made this project possible through donations, re-tweets, video and article sharing, and shout-outs. You all are amazing and we are so grateful for your continued support.


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