And thus we reach the end as this marks the final episode from season 2 of the Take That Challenge. After last week’s somewhat lucky & rather confusing challenge Teaguey finally got himself on the board & ensured there’d be no shutout here.


The end of Amateur bidding is here, and as a result, we will be hosting a rush this Sunday (9/21/14). […]


On this cast, Goose, Kal, Nanadel and Allikat give their thoughts on AGLA bidding, Destiny, and the GGL playoffs. Alli and Nana are the arbiters for this week’s party playoff, and Alli does her best RallyFox impression.

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Looking to meet some awesome new Grifballers? Good! Because this Wednesday and Thursday (September 17th and 18th) at 8 PM EST, we will be hosting a mixer event.


It’s Grifball night in America! Tonight we bring you an Elite Eight GGL playoff series! It all begins at 10:00PM […]


With just two challenges left in the season it’s a complete & utter whitewash to this point as Teaguey is simply playing for pride (what little he has left). Some poor refereeing decisions cost him last time but will he be as unlucky this time?

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Join Goosechecka tonight at 10PM Eastern to watch in awe at hot bikini guys. Or rather, watch the streamed GGL Sweet Sixteen matchup between Watch in Awe and Hot Bikini Guyz.


Talking all the latest EUGBL, AGLA, GGL & IGL news. Plus a special post take NFL segment :)

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Last night’s rush was definitely one for the books. A whopping fifteen teams signed up, making it the biggest rush […]