Tonight the Grifball (AGLA) Pro Circuit comes to a close and we award the championship — and the $500 cash prize — to the ultimate victors. One Hit Wonders will take on Hybrid Theory in a best-of-three series tonight, with tip-off starting at 10:00PM EST and the pre-game show beginning at 9:00.


Tonight is the epic showdown for the AGLA amateur championship!


This week, Goose, Rally, and Kal review the week’s semi-final AGLA matches and make their championship predictions. The crew also discusses RTX updates, announce Grifballer of the Month, and shiny new toys in the twitch.tv/grifballhub streaming chat.

agla 915_380 punhc

Shadow S16, captain of One Hit Wonders, breaks down highlights of the playoff series between OHW and Retroactive. Everything you need to know in 6 minutes.


With the Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One, Grifball has gone next-gen. Here is how you can play Grifball — right now! — in both Halo 3 and Halo 4 on the Master Chief Collection.


Teaguey & Giblets are joined by the returning CannibalCake & TacoPowerPHD as the boys discuss the 2015 NFL draft as well as upcoming fantasy leagues & their own predictions.


Teaguey & Giblets discuss the latest EU, GGL. AGLA & EGRA happenings. Look out for the next Take when we have guests!


The EUGBL has moved past Week 3 which means it’s time for another round of the power rankings. Here is a quick run down of the teams, their positions, records and some results too.

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Tonight the AGLA Amateur Circuit semi-finals conclude with a showdown between heated rivals Bad Intentions and Underrated. The pre-game show begins at 8:30PM EST with a special new court unveiling by NOKYARD.