The 20th season of the European Grifball League is upon us! Messiah Muffin and others in the EU Grifball community have made their predictions on who will rise to the top and who will fall during the season.


The 20th season of the European Grifball League is underway! Recently, the Grifball stars of Europe took to the court for pre-season mixers to keep their Grifball skills sharp before the games began.


Apoc here to put in my predictions leading up to the next round. Let’s get started!


The Grifball Pro Circuit began four months ago as twelve captains picked their teams and took to the court for eight weeks of competitive Grifball. Now the regular season has come to a close and it’s time for playoffs!


Back the Kickstarter!


The GGL season begins tonight with Green Army Jr. vs 3 Star. Watch at Twitch.TV/GrifballHub starting at 9:00PM EST.

This is how Goose makes her entrance every game

The classic experience is back!


This is the final week of the AGLA Amateur Circuit regular season, and we have a double-header featuring playoff-bound teams! Tune in at 9:00PM EST to catch Affinity take on Legendary and stick around for the 10:00 game, where Underrated step up to battle Legendary.


From 8:00AM Saturday until 8:00AM Sunday, Goose and Kal hosted a 24-hour livestream of MCC goodness to raise money for the RTX Kickstarter. This Hubcast was recorded as we passed the half-way point.

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In GrifballHub’s Good Games League, we have mini challenges called “Achieveables” that you can try to complete to make your Grifball experience even more fun. Each Achieveable is worth a certain number of GrifPoints. The total number of GrifPoints your team has won is called your GrifScore.