Last night in the first rush of Fall League 2014, 13 teams battled it out in attempt to be crowned champions. It was a hard-fought tournament and there were some noticeable losers bracket runs, but in the end one team proved to be the deserving winner.

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Inspired by the board game Party Playoff, the GGL Playoff Party bracket will pit GGL playoff teams head to head […]


Goose, Kal, Leo, and Dust Storm share their thoughts about PAX Prime 2014.


After some dubious calls & some dodgy Saints defending last week the Steelers handed Giblets Take That Challenge Season 2 to him on a platter as he moved to 6 – 0. Would Teaguey throw in the towel? Of course….well I did think abo….I mean no never, there was pride at stake.


Nothing to do on Labor Day weekend? Good! Because in celebration of the upcoming AGLA season, we will be hosting a classic style rush this coming Sunday (August 31st).

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Hello Grifballers! It is the AGLA Administration’s pleasure to announce that signups for the AGLA Fall League 14 are now open!


Attention Grifballers! Captain applications recently closed and captains for the upcoming season have been selected. Congratulations to your AGLA Fall League 2014 captains!


Is your team ready? It’s time for the GGL Playoffs!


PAX has become a Grifball tradition. Since 2009, Grifballers have made the pilgrimage to Seattle to bask in the glow of 70,000 game-loving geeks. Goose and Kal will be there browsing the show floor, attending panels, and hanging out with Dr. Leo and Dr. Leo’s hair.