Shadow S16 breaks down the highlights from the epic Hammer Conference championship of Next Dimension vs Notorious! 2 hours of Grifball super condensed into 6 minutes of unadulterated awesome.


The title says it all.


Registration for the Winter 2015 season of GrifballHub’s Good Games League (GGL) is now open! Every team is welcome to join, regardless of your level of experience!


On November 20, 343 Industries released the newest patch for the Master Chief Collection. This patch aimed to address many issues with the game, with a heavy focus on matchmaking. Although players are reporting mixed results regarding matchmaking improvements, the patch did help stabilize custom game lobbies and restored some much-needed custom game options.


The boys discuss the latest in the EUGBL, the future of Grifball & reminisce about the Halo of old before […]


It’s a huge night for Thursday Night Grifbrawl!

bacon bits

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. In this edition of Bacon Bits I get to talking with the 2k legend himself, Saintz the God. Let’s get started!


Last night for Wednesday Night Grifbrawl, Pro Run faced off against “Melvin’s…too-long team n” for a scrimmage on the Master Chief Collection.


After a very rough launch week, 343 Industries is releasing the first major patch for the Master Chief Collection.