Hey Everyone! We had one playoff series last night and it was an exciting one. Legendary and Endgame faced off […]


Back for week two of the Take That Challenge, last time out Giblets beat Teaguey in a Halo 3 slayer match. Well beat is putting it politely as he utterly decimated him. It meant that Teaguey got to pick the challenge & decided to take Giblets to the world of Street football.


Goose, Kal, and Rally are joined this week by Allikat to talk about upcoming events, new programs on the GrifballHub Twitch channel, Destiny, and league news.


NOPLEX, NetsPride15, and Avaianche812 analyze match ups and cover news from all of the Grifball leagues. This week they delve into AGLA playoffs, and make their predictions.


Hey Everyone! We have ourselves some playoff news for both circuits today. In the Pro Circuit, One Hit Wonders and […]


Hello once again Grifballers! Inactive Spoon here bringing you some predictions and analysis for the first round of the Ammy playoffs! rdgNHL pretty much wrote everything here, so big shout out to him. What we did, is we polled people on who they thought would win, and then transferred those numbers into other numbers and now we have some aggregate predictions for playoffs!


Hey Everyone! Not much news today other than Secret Society winning their series against Aftershock and advancing to the semi […]


Have you been missing Halo 3 Grifball? Then join us Saturday, July 26th at 8pm est as we revisit our roots!


Hey Everyone! Playoffs started off with a bang last night with both series going to decisive third games. In the […]


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