Hey everyone! Short update today since not much happened yesterday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the Hub to work when making this update so I wasn’t able to show which games the amateur league still needs to make up but I remember there still being a few. I urge those teams to report those games ASAP so we can get playoffs rolling along.

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Hey guys! It’s Gonafets and I’m back to present my rankings and thoughts on the ammy playoffs happening some time in the near future. Through the miracle of looking at team records and the rules I have determined the playoff seedings and matchups (hopefully I got them right). A couple of teams ended the regular season really strong while others are looking for answers fast. Enjoy.


That’s good enough for me.


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That’s it! The regular season has ended for the Pro and Amateur Circuit and playoffs will be underway starting tomorrow. There are still some Amateur games that need to be submitted however so let’s get those games done so we can move along with seeding and such.


Teaguey’s Take 37 with special guest Rollo 93.


Hey there Grifballers! It’s your friendly neighborhood PoisonxPoptart here! The season is going to be ending for some teams and I thought I ask them for some final thoughts.


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As we head into the last day of the regular season for the Amateur Circuit, quite a few teams have […]