PAX has become a Grifball tradition. Since 2009, Grifballers have made the pilgrimage to Seattle to bask in the glow of 70,000 game-loving geeks. Goose and Kal will be there browsing the show floor, attending panels, and hanging out with Dr. Leo and Dr. Leo’s hair.


1. How long have you been involved with the sport of Grifball?
It’s getting very close to 2 years, I started of in the first Halo 4 GGL season in WL13 captaining Paradox Warriors. Myself and my team have all played the previous Grifball variants, but have never known there was a league.


ProAceJoker is back with the 16th Highlight Frenzy, now with the dulcet tones of DJ Blue PDX.


The AGLA Fall League of 2014 preparations are already underway, and if you’ve been considering applying to be a Captain […]


So the boys return this week in a Minecraft shopp….wait a minute that’s not Minecraft. No, the boys swapped the green fields of Minecraft for the green fields of the Minecraft universe for the green fields of an NFL pitch.


The Hubcast goes Kal-free.


Grifball live-streams are known because of their announcers. These are some of the most well known announcers and make the game so much fun to watch.

GGL Make Up Week 2 copy

The regular season of the GGL is coming to a close and playoffs are almost upon us.

As we begin the transition into the post-season, here are some important reminders for teams:


In true imShad fashion, imShad interviews himself.


Official summary of Teaguey’s Take #45: Random banter. Information. Random banter.