It’s Grifball night in America!


All the latest round up of all the leagues & special guest Carkito 17. Also the continued NFL section is at the end of the Take :)


Reet, the EUGBL19 pre-season prediction article is here. You guys have to bear in mind, all of what we say is based off of what we have observed, and you shouldn’t take any offence. That being said, let’s go into our first team;


Goose and Kal review GGL playoffs, discuss the AGLA opener on WNG, cover community events, and talk about the future.


Hello once again Grifballers! I figured I would try and do the whole aggregate rankings again for the amateur circuit since it worked out nicely last season. To further explain what this is, these are aggregate rankings, meaning we take many different rankings and mash em all together using math and numbers to get what are rankings that are, hopefully, closer to the general consensus. If you would like to help out by ranking the ammy teams every week, just send me (Spoon) a pm and I will hook you up. Shoutout to RDG NHL, TG Revenge 40, PoisonxPoptart, Major Sackett, Perfect Demise, and SonicRainBoom for helping me out by submitting their rankings!


Welcome to Thursday Night Grifbrawl! Grifball’s not just for Wednesdays anymore. Join GrifballHub every Thursday night at Twitch.TV/GrifballHub for more […]


1. How long have you been involved with the sport of Grifball? I’ve been in the Grifball community for about […]


12-Impulse There is no question that this team belongs on the worse end of this list. Coming into bidding, Perfect […]


Sign ups are now opened for the 19th season of the European Grifball League! Sign ups will be open from Monday the 22nd of September to the 26th, with the league beginning just two days later after divisions and the schedule have been put in place.


It’s Grifball night in America! Tonight we bring you a double-header for the AGLA FL14 season opener!  It all begins […]