It’s Grifball night in America!

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Last night was the final showdown of the GGL SML14 season.


Rally calls in from the future to talk Grifball with Goose and Kal.


Hello Grifballers! This is the Aggregate Rankings for week 2 in the Amateur Circuit!

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Please note the following is meant for entertainment purposes and occasionally ranting only and is not to be taken personally.


Tomorrow, Sunday at 8PM, is the GGL championship lineup between Watch in Awe vs A Righteous Kill.


Check out the latest episode of Teaguey’s Take and the new spin-off podcast, Overtime.

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Hey Everyone! Yep, these are back, and I’m already cheating by including the games that took place on Wednesday for the sake of accuracy so deal with it. These are shorter in every way possible so let’s just jump right into it.


Welcome to Thursday Night Grifbrawl!


Week 2 is now over in the EUGBL and things have started to pick up. 10 games have been played over the last week, those games being:-