bacon bits

Hello, and thanks a whole bunch for taking the time to read this. In this edition of Bacon Bits, I sit down with PackMan1717 and pick his brain a little about the ammy league and some other topics. Let’s get started!


We’ve now managed to get through three weeks of EUGBL19 action and another eight games have been played as the cross division games come rolling in.


Hey guys! It’s been quite a while since I wrote an article and I decided to try something different than […]


Kal waxes poetic as he reminisces at the days of Halo 2, and Goose shares how she can smell Halo. Goose and Kal also talk about the MCC, Halo 3 vs Halo 4 Grifball, the GGL championship series, week 5 AGLA news, and community content!

bacon bits

Hello there, and thanks for tanking (ha) the time to read this. I had a very unique opportunity to ask some questions about tanking with one of the best, Digital PAIN. Let’s get started!


Welcome to Thursday Night Grifbrawl!


It’s Grifball night in America!

aTeam 915_380

Last night was the final showdown of the GGL SML14 season.


Rally calls in from the future to talk Grifball with Goose and Kal.


Hello Grifballers! This is the Aggregate Rankings for week 2 in the Amateur Circuit!