Goose, Kal, and Rally review the latest update to the Halo 5 matchmaking playlist and reflect on the 10 year anniversary of the Xbox 360.


Join us tonight as we give the new Big Team Battle maps a spin in Halo 5, including a remake of Halo 3’s Standoff created by NOKYARD!


Goose and Kal and joined by Halo lore experts Myrherder and Receptor 17 as they dive into the Halo 5 campaign.


Over the past three weeks, Grifball teams in all three leagues — the AGLA, GGL, and EUGBL — took to the court for four championship series. With every league scheduled to wrap as close to Halo 5’s release as possible, we crowned four new Grifball champions.


Kal, Rally, and special guest Sam discuss their first week with Halo 5, including Warzone, Arena, and Spartan Companies.


Join Goosechecka and DJ Blue for two hours of Halo 5 action! We’ll be playing Warzone with a chance of Arena and custom games thrown in. All are welcome to join the Fireteam and kill some reds and/or blues.


Join us tonight at Twitch.TV/GrifballHub for two hours of Halo 5 action. From 9:00PM EST to 11:00PM EST, Goose and DJ will host a Halo 5 lobby for Warzone, Arena, and some custom games (perhaps Griftball?).


You can watch all the action at Twitch.TV/GrifballHub. The pre-game show will begin at 9:00PM EST, with tip-off scheduled for 9:30.


Goose, Kal, and Rally recap the week in Grifball news and dive into a spoiler-free overview of the Halo 5 […]